"auto giełda"
"auto giełda"
Auto Giełda Kraków. Auto giełda samochodowa Grupy WANICKI
Auto Giełda Kraków. Auto giełda samochodowa Grupy WANICKI

brand new coaches for sale

Our company from Poland is one of the biggest long-distance buses traders in Europe.

Apart from selling used coaches & buses we may also boast about supplying brand new coaches into the Polish market. Usually we have between 10 and 15 brand new coaches and buses in our yard. If there is no a coach that would meet our customer requirements we may always prepare the concrete specification, produce calculation and submit the adequate order. In such cases waiting time is between 3 and 5 months.

Currently we have as well Irizar Euro 5 coaches for sale in our yard as Irizar Euro 6 buses (Irizar i8, Irizar i6, Irizar i4).

A range of the proposed buses starts from 12 metre long buses up to 15 metre long ones.

The shorter buses are mostly the suburban buses, very often with the platforms for handicapped persons.

Equipment of our stock buses is very different but there is one basic rule, the younger coach we have the richer outfit it has.

For example one of the Irizar i8 we have at our company at present has a really abounding equipment. We invite you to contact our company and pay us a visit! Lots of buses for sale!

"buses for sale poland" brand new coaches for sale

Irizar bus for sale. New IRIZAR i6 14 3.7, PB seats, from 2013

"irizar bus for sale" Irizar i6 14 bus for sale PB seats from 2013

New IRIZAR i4 12.20 3.20 suburban bus for sale

"new irizar i4 12" New IRIZAR i4 12.20 3.20 suburban bus for sale

New IRIZAR Volvo coach for sale, model New Century, from 2013

"irizar volvo coach for sale" Irizar Volvo coach for sale from 2013 model New Century

New Irizar i6 13 3.5 for sale, from 2013

"new irizar i6 13 for sale" new IRIZAR i6 13 3.5 2013 for sale

new Irizar i6 for sale, from 2013,

"new irizar i6 euro 5" new irizar i6 for sale
"samochody dostawcze używane" Sprzedaż samochodów ciężarowych. Samochody ciężarowe używane.


"wakacje w polsce" wybrzeże Bałtyku
"chorwacja pogoda" Prognoza pogody długoterminowa

Chorwacja pogoda

"wycieczka do pragi" zwiedzanie Pragi
"wycieczka do Rzymu" zwiedzanie Rzymu


"domki letniskowe" domy wakacyjne
"kenia safari" Safari w Afyce


"treatment abroad" Medical Tourism Poland
"używane ciężarówki" samochody ciężarowe, kliknij w zdjęcie
"sprzedaż helikopterów" helikoptery sprzedaż
komis ciężarowych kontakt

wycieczki weekendowe dla firm i zakładów pracy

"zagraniczne wyjazdy integracyjne" wycieczki weekendowe dla firm


"wynajem helikopterów" AIRTAXI, taksówka powietrzna

wycieczki zagraniczne autokarem

"wycieczki objazdowe po europie" wycieczki objazdowe autokarem

Godziny pracy:

poniedziałek - piątek 09.30 -17.30

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